Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A little hobby to occupy maternity leave - The Paper Meadow

If I'm not kept busy crafting, up-cycling or designing something I get bored. Very bored, and very quickly.

Now that college is over I have two WHOLE empty days to fill while my darling son is at nursery. So out came the craft box and a little craft diary my Mum gave to me earlier in the year. It is filled with numerous ideas for you to try out every month and the beginning of July just so happened to be the art of paper-cutting.

So I dug out an old DIY scalpel, some paper and pencils and my super old cutting board, sat in our meadow under the Apple tree and got to work. It was there that I fell in love and have't stopped since. It's perfect. Its therapeutic, is helping me de-stress and I find I'm grow patience as a result.

This is my most recent design, based on Sleeping Beauty. The name is blurred as it is a commission for a friend of a relative who has recently had a baby (I don't want to risk them seeing it and knowing it's for them before they get it - however unlikely that is).

After getting a couple more requests I set up a page to display my work. Right now I am waiting until Friday before I say a definite "yes" to anyone as I need to find some pretty, locally made box frames and try out a few different mounting techniques.

So, watch this space! My new hobby might just be growing into something wonderful.

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